About Me

Hi, I’m Paul and welcome to my Channel (well website!) and I personally am always interested in the people behind the business and an about me page is great way to give you a little bit of information about me.

I’ve also added a picture to the page, so that you can see what my face looks like, if you haven’t already checked out my YouTube channel!

Paul from Paul's Channel

My Background

My background is a little different to most people who run review websites as I actually ran an ecommerce business for over 7 years and have used a variety of different platforms, including many of these that I review on here!

As a business owner, I was always looking for ways to improve my website and would regularly go through and test these platforms out to see if they would be a better option than what I was currently using. This means that I have tested them from the perspective of someone who is trying to decide whether or not this platform will be good for my business.

You may notice that I said ran, not run above and the reason for that is that my business is a jewellery business and my business evolved from just being a retailer to doing bespoke work and when evaluating my work load, it made sense for me to move away from ecommerce.

Starting Paul’s Channel

Paul’s Channel is very much an evolution of a pretty rubbish wordpress.com blog that I started way back in 2016/17 and after many years of running my ecommerce business, I wanted to try something a bit different to ecommerce and the world of blogging and YouTube had always appealed, so I decided to take the plunge and get started.

The original blog really was nothing special but I had done a couple of pretty basic but honest reviews of a couple of ecommerce platforms and even though I hadn’t touched them for a few years, they still got pretty good traffic and positive feedback from the readers.

This triggered something in me when I was thinking about starting a blog/YouTube channel and in December 2019, I created version one of my new business under the name EcommerceGold, which was primarily focused on the UK market but after properly getting up and running with YouTube in April 2020, I realised that my style of honest reviews from the perspective of someone who had been there and done it, appealed to a much more global audience.

This isn’t just me being big headed but from lots of feedback I have received from both comments on YouTube but also people who have reached out to me via email and one of my focuses was, that I wanted to create a site that I would have loved to have come across when I was researching platforms as unfortunately, much of my competition seems to look at things differently to me!

Now, EcommerceGold was and still is an awesome name (it ties into my history of being in the jewellery trade) but there were two things that bugged me:

  1. I could only get the hyphenated (ecommerce-gold.com) domain name and as I always recommend avoiding those, it seemed a bit hypocritical of me to use one myself but the guy who owned the non-hyphenated version wanted $50,000 for it $50,000!!! and I could afford it and on principle, wouldn’t pay it.
  2. I wanted a more personal connection with the business, I have always felt way more involved when my name is part of the business name and while I like the name, I felt disconnected with it so I decided to change things up (not great for SEO but hey ho!)

So that is why I changed to Paul’s Channel in early 2021 and the rest, as they say, is history!