ShopWired vs EKM vs Bigcommerce vs Wix (2021)

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When it comes to UK ecommerce, ShopWired, EKM, Bigcommerce and Wix are four very popular options and alternatives to Shopify, but which one is the best?

Quick Platform Intro

Before I get in to the comparison, I thought I would do a quick intro to all four platforms, so you know who they all are before we get started:

ShopWired is a UK based purpose built, fully hosted ecommerce platform, designed for businesses of all sizes. Established in 2013, they have gone on to help over 8,500 businesses start selling online and boast the likes of Wowcher and EDF energy amongst their users.

EKM is one of the largest name in UK ecommerce having helped over 80,000 businesses start selling online since launching back in 2002. They offer users of all sizes a fully hosted ecommerce platform with unique set of features and services offered by their UK based team.

Bigcommerce is global powerhouse in the world of hosted ecommerce and for many years were going head to head with Shopify to be the biggest (no pun intended!) name in the industry. Focused primarily on larger, enterprise sized ecommerce sites, they also offer a selection of packages for smaller businesses.

Wix was originally a hosted website builder but now offers users the option to sell via their stores with the Wix Stores app. One of the biggest names in the industry, who market themselves towards new businesses and smaller, boutique style online stores.

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All four platforms offer a range of pricing packages for users to choose from and you can see all of these in the boxes below:


Pro – £29.95/m (£75k*)
Advanced – £59.95/m (£200k*)
Premium – £119.95/m (£500k*)
Enterprise – From £149.95/m

ekm ecommerce logo

Basic – £32.49/m (£50k*)
Standard – £64.99/m (£150k*)
Advanced – £194.99/m (£1m*)
Pro – £549.99/m

bigcommerce logo

Standard – $29.95/m ($50k*)
Plus – $79.95/m ($180k*)
Pro – $299.95/m ($400k*)
Enterprise – Custom Pricing

Wix Logo

Business Basic – £13/m
Business Unlimited – £16/m
Business VIP – £22/m

*Annual Turnover Limit

As you can see, three of the platforms (ShopWired, EKM & Bigcommerce) all have annual turnover limits and this means that if you pass these limits, you will automatically be moved up to the next package and ShopWired offers the most generous allowance on its packages, with Bigcommerce having the smallest, especially when you factor in conversion rates.

It is also worth noting that with ShopWired and EKM, UK based businesses will also have to pay VAT on top of the monthly fees, which does make them more expensive if your business is not VAT registered. This is not currently the case with Bigcommerce and as they also bill in USD, the monthly charge will be cheaper than the two UK based platforms.

ShopWired and EKM’s entry level packages also have product limits of 750 and 500 respectively.

Free Trial

ShopWired offer an industry standard, 14 day free trial and doesn’t require a credit card to start the trial. Start a Free 14 Day ShopWired Trial

EKM offer a 14 day free trial as standard but the team at EKM have kindly given users who go through my link an exclusive 28 day free trial. You will be required to give credit card information before beginning the trial and you must notify EKM before your trial expires, if you don’t wish to continue on to a paid plan to avoid being charged. Start a Free 28 Day Free EKM Trial

Bigcommerce go one better than their competition (literally!) by offering a 15 day free trial and as with ShopWired, no credit card is required to start the trial. Start a free 15 Day Bigcommerce Trial

Wix is a little bit different as they offer a completely free package to try out the platform but they do also offer a 14 day trial of the paid packages so that you can test out all of the features. Start a free Wix Website

Winner: Wix

On pure pricing alone, none of the three platforms can compete with Wix as they are considerably cheaper and also have no turnover or product limits, the only limit they impose is storage space of 20gb, 35gb and 50gb, which will be more than enough for most businesses.


So we know how much the platforms cost, but what do you actually get for your money?

Below is a summary of the main features that all four platforms offer.


ShopWired offers an extensive list of features for their platform, some of these are included with the core ShopWired system, while others can be added by installing apps or extensions.

The one set of features that does stand ShopWired apart from the other platforms are their B2B features which includes Trade Accounts, Quotations and Bulk Discounts. This makes it a very good option for wholesalers or manufacturers.

Ecommerce Tools

  • Multi-buy Offers
  • Product Extras
  • Multi-Currency
  • Product Reviews
  • Ebay Integration
  • Digital Downloads
  • Gift Cards
  • Reward Points

Marketing & SEO

  • Google Feed
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Discount Codes
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Create Sales
  • Social Share
  • Blog (app)
  • Custom Meta Data
  • SEO Friendly URL’s


  • Gross Profit Report
  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by Category
  • Payment Methods
  • Sales by Month
  • Failed Searches
  • Visitors

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Stripe
  • Amazon Pay
  • Klarna
  • Worldpay
  • Sagepay
  • Barclaycard EPDQ
  • Nochex

Apps & Extensions

As mentioned above, ShopWired offer a range of apps and extensions for their users but what is the difference between the two?

ShopWired App Selection

Apps are features that can be added with one click installation. For the entry level Pro package, there is a mix of free and paid apps, with trade accounts being the most expensive at £10/m but on the Advanced package all of the B2B apps are included for free and all apps are free to use on the premium package.

Extensions are free to use but they do need to be coded into your site, you can do this yourself if you have experience of coding (CSS is very helpful) and they do provide guides to help you do this or you can pay a one off fee and the ShopWired team will do it for you.


As with ShopWired, EKM offers a comprehensive list of features and they are combination of being built in to the platform and a selection of customisable features that work in a similar way to apps but EKM call them features.

Ecommerce Tools

  • Free 03 Business Phone Number
  • Facebook Messenger for Live Chat
  • Customer Reviews
  • Related Products
  • Promo Stickers
  • Product Attributes
  • Recently Viewed Products

Marketing & SEO

  • Email Marketing built in
  • ChannelGrabber (Cross platform selling)
  • Google Tools (inc Analytics & Shopping)
  • Loyalty Points
  • Discount Manager
  • Social Share
  • WordPress Blog
  • Custom Meta Data
  • SEO Friendly URL’s


  • Order Breakdown
  • Best and Worst Selling Products
  • Search Statistics
  • Web Statistics (Premium)

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Klarna
  • Worldpay
  • Sagepay
  • Nochex
  • Barclaycard EPDQ

As mentioned above, EKM offers a selection of customisable features and the good thing about these are that nearly all of them a free to use, even if you are on the entry level package.

Two of the features (API & Trade Discounts) are only available on the advanced package and Postcode Lookup and Web Statistics are premium options, which are charged on top of your existing monthly package.

EKM Features

One of the best features of the EKM platform is their Evolution Mode. With this, you get a review of your site by EKM’s specialist Evolution team, who will give you advice on how you can improve your site from design to functionality. The best thing about evolution mode is that if you agree to the changes, the team will implement the for free on your behalf.


As one of the main players in the world of hosted ecommerce, it is unsurprising that Bigcommerce offers a very good selection of features for its user and you can see the main ones listed below:

Ecommerce Tools

  • Single Page Checkout
  • Product Ratings and Reviews 
  • Side by Side Product Comparisons 
  • Promotions and Special Offers
  • Discount Codes and Coupons 
  • Google Trusted Stores
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

Marketing & SEO

  • Social Selling 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Price comparison site integration
  • Loyalty Program 
  • Google Shopping 
  • Social Sharing 
  • Custom Meta Data 
  • SEO Friendly URLs 
  • Blog 


  • Number of Orders
  • Total Revenue
  • Number of Visitors
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Worldpay
  • Sagepay
  • Klarna
  • Applepay

Bigcommerce App Marketplace

To help create lots of options when it comes to functionality, Bigcommerce have opened their platform up to third party developers and created their very own app store, which currently offers over 700 apps that you can choose from.

These apps are available in a wide range of categories including Analytics, Order Management, Marketing and Sales Channels.

Bigcommerce App Store

But unfortunately, not all of the apps are free to use but there is a nice selection of free ones. The paid ones do generally offer a free trial or package but to get all of the features, you will need to opt for the paid package, which is charged on top of your existing package and you do need to be careful as to not end up spending too much money on apps!


Due to Wix being primarily a website builder, many of the features of the platform aren’t specifically designed for ecommerce but once the Wix Stores app is installed, the combination offers the following features:

Ecommerce Tools

  • Sell Physical & Digital Products
  • Discount Coupons
  • Create Promo Video
  • Live Chat

Marketing & SEO

  • SEO Friendly URL’s
  • Custom Meta Data
  • Send via Email Campaign
  • Share Product to Social Media
  • Sell via Facebook and Instagram
  • Blog


  • Orders
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue
  • Purchase Funnel
  • Top Email Campaign

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Wix Payments

App Marketplace

If you want to add more functionality to your Wix website, then you can use the Wix App Marketplace that offers a wide range of apps that can add a wide variety of features and functionality. Some of these are general website builder features, while others are specifically for ecommerce.

Within the App Marketplace, there are a selection of both free and paid apps. Many of the paid apps will offer free trials or a free package but if you want all of the features, then you are going to have to pay and this is usually a monthly recurring payment.

One of the things that really does let the Wix platform down is the poor selection of payment gateways on offer and there are no additional ones available in the App Market.

Winner: Bigcommerce

It is difficult to not choose Bigcommerce as the winner as they offer a large range of features as standard and the additional 700+ apps in the app marketplace mean that is offers a lot more features than the other three.

Ease of Use

We know what features that all of these platforms offer but what are they like to use?


The ShopWired platform is very easy to use and this is one of the things that many customers have commented on in their reviews.

Much of this is due to the admin dashboard and main sidebar navigation menu, which has clearly labelled headings and sub-headings, although I do feel that some of these could be combined to slightly reduce the amount of headings.

The general layout of the pages is also very simple and uncluttered, which makes it easy to not only work through but also process the information that is displayed.

ShopWired Setup Tutorial

For new users to the platform, ShopWired provide a short but helpful set up tutorial, that takes you through nearly all the sections required to get a store up and running.

The only thing missing from the guide is a prompt to set up the legal pages such as Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which is a little strange as ShopWired have created really useful templates for these pages.

There is also quick and easy access to the support options and also the comprehensive help guides.


EKM offers a different approach to its competition when it comes to their dashboard as they have opted for a top navigation bar as opposed to the sidebar that all of the others offer.

The navigation bar itself is very well laid out and six of the seven headings are clearly labelled, with the one exception being the Shop section as it doesn’t really give a clear indication as to what it is and unfortunately, the clicking on the section doesn’t really help clear things up.

EKM Navigation

This is because the Shop section is a bit of a mish-mash of things as there are options for creating products/categories but also design elements as well and this makes it a little bit confusing as it isn’t clearly defined as to what the main purpose of this section is and I will cover this a little bit more in the Theme Customisation and Store Management sections below.

But a quick overview is that the Shop section doesn’t provide the EKM platform with an optimal workflow and can be a bit frustrating to use.

For new users to the platform, EKM do provide a short set up guide to help you get up and running and this contains nearly all of the important aspects of settings up an online store but as with ShopWired, they have missed out a prompt to set up your sites legal pages.

EKM Set Up Guide

An additional step that EKM take to help you get up and running with the platform is that you get a 30 minute welcome call from one of the team, to not only get you started but also answer any questions that you may have about the platform.

Within the admin dashboard, EKM have made it very easy to contact them should you need to, with a live chat icon in the bottom right hand corner and in the dashboard homepage, it will also provide a unique support pin and details of your account manager (Standard package and above).


The Bigcommerce dashboard is a little bit of a strange one as on the surface it looks very easy to use as the dashboard is well laid out and sidebar main navigation menu is clearly labelled but when you start using it, it feels like it has been designed more for experienced users than beginners as they offer quite a few different options that may be a bit daunting if you are new to ecommerce.

The do and offer a set up guide for new users, which contains the important steps to get your store up and running such as adding a new product and setting up shipping and payments but it isn’t as good of a set up guide as is offered by ShopWired or EKM.

Bigcommerce Admin Dashboard

Being able to contact support direct from the dashboard isn’t great within Bigcommerce as they don’t have a live chat icon placed within the admin dashboard, instead you need to navigate through the help section and this isn’t the most straightforward process and if you need to speak to them quickly, you may find the process a bit annoying.


The Wix dashboard isn’t necessarily difficult to use but it does feel a bit cramped, even though there is a lot of wasted/unused space around the dashboard.

The is most evident with the navigation menu, especially with the Wix Stores app is installed and it adds a selection of options to the menu and this means that you have to scroll up and down the menu, which can make navigating around a little frustrating.

One thing that I have experienced when using Wix is that the dashboard can be slow and sometimes unresponsive, such as being stuck loading, which can be frustrating when you are trying to do something quickly on the platform. I found this to be most evident when using or moving between the dashboard and the theme customisation tools.

Wix Dashboard

Wix do offer a few tools to help get new users set up on the platform, the first is the ADI set up, which is recommended if you are just starting with Wix as this will help with some of the basic set up steps.

In the dashboard, there is also a set up guide, which initially is just for the website builder but more options are added when the Wix Stores app is installed. The set up guide is pretty comprehensive, especially if you factor in the suggested steps below the main set up guide.

If you want to contact the Wix support team, you need to do a bit of digging as you need to navigate the help centre and this makes the whole process difficult, which isn’t great for usability.

Winner: ShopWired

The admin dashboard, section layout and design makes ShopWired a very easy and also enjoyable platform to use, whether you are a beginner or experienced in building/using ecommerce websites.

Theme Selection & Customisation


In autumn 2020, ShopWired rolled out their Version 4 themes and this includes a selection of 20, free to use, mobile responsive themes.

All of these themes also have an upgrade package, which includes installation and configuration of some of their extensions, which is available at £89+ vat.

With the release of the Version 4 themes came ShopWired’s first live preview tool, which is something that was lacking with the platform.

ShopWired Theme Customisation

This new tools allows users to see the instant impact when they make changes to colours or text snippets within the chosen theme. While a good addition, ShopWired still lacks control over the layout of the themes.

If you want a custom theme made, you can have one made by the ShopWired team and prices start from £3495+vat.


EKM have one of the largest selection of free themes of all the ecommerce platforms with over 60 mobile responsive ones to choose from. They do not offer any paid themes but you can have a custom theme built by the EKM team for £1999.99 + vat.

While the theme customisation within EKM is pretty good, the workflow to do it isn’t the easiest and that very much follows on from what I mentioned above. The elements for customising your theme are split across the Shop and Design sections of the EKM dashboard.

EKM Customise Theme

When it comes to what you can change on your chosen theme, you can control the look of the layout by removing sections from your homepage but unfortunately there isn’t a choice of sections to add, which does limit how much you can customise the look of your shop.

You can also edit the colour scheme, change fonts and edit the content on your pages. If you are familiar with coding such as HTML and CSS, then you can add custom code to change the look of your site.


Bigcommerce has one of the largest selection of themes available within their ecosystem, with 151 themes that you can choose from. But Only 12 of these are free to use and the paid themes range from $150 – $300. On Themeforest there are an additional 92 themes that you can choose.

In 2020, Bigcommerce overhauled their theme customisation by introducing a new page builder that allows users to add widgets to the themes homepage and also use these widgets to build custom pages such as about me.

Bigcommerce Theme Customizer

But, you still don’t get complete control over your site as any sections that are set by your chosen theme, can’t be removed, relocated or edited, which is frustrating as you may not want those sections on your homepage.

Other parts of the customizer are pretty easy to use but there are quite a few options that you can edit and tweak, which may seem daunting to someone completely new to web design.

The new system is definitely and improvement but could still be better in my opinion.


Wix has a large selection of over 80, free to use, mobile responsive themes to choose from for building an online store with the platform but it is not clear if all of the themes they offer support the Wix Stores app?

There are also a few third-party developers who have build some premium Wix themes and the pricing very much depends on the developer.

Where Wix really shines though is when it comes to customisation as they offer two different tools!

The first and easiest to use is their ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) tool, which has been designed so that users can quickly and easily makes changes to the look and feel of their site.

Wix ADI Theme Editor

This tool gives you lots of control when it comes to customisation and is arguably one of the best tools in the industry. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it can be used on every page of your site, meaning that you can create a truly custom looking website.

The second tool is their original editor and while it is a good tool, there is too much you can do in terms of customisation as it is possible to make very minor changes, which can lead to lots of time spent tweaking things and the results aren’t really worth the effort.

To install apps on a Wix site, this has to be done via the original editor but they are looking to add this feature to the ADI tool.

Winner: Wix

The Wix ADI tool for theme customisation is arguably one of the best in the industry and offers users a lot of control over the look and feel of their website and this combined with the large selection of free themes does put Wix quite a way ahead of the other three.

Store Management

Adding and Managing Stock

Being able to manage your stock efficiently and effectively is a hugely important part of running an online store and for me there are three main areas to this and they are:

  • Adding products
  • Organising your Products
  • Managing your inventory


ShopWired have opted for a single page layout for their add new product page and have kept the layout nice and simple, this makes it very easy to add a new product to your site.

You can also add a variety of different options to your products using variations but also custom text fields, in which customers can enter their own message. This is great if you sell customisable or bespoke products.

ShopWired Create Product

Organising your inventory is also very simple as ShopWired have opted for a traditional category system in which you can create multiple category layers, which makes creating a good product hierarchy very easy to do.

To quickly and easily manage your inventory levels, ShopWired have a separate Manage Stock page, which lists all your inventory and allows you to update stock quantity without having to go in and edit the product individually. If you want to edit any other parts of your product listing, this has to be done on a product by product basis.


Adding new products and categories in EKM is really simple and can be done with the click of a button. You then get a pop-up, that has a tabbed layout with all the sections required to add a product including pricing, images, description and options such as product variations.

Adding a new category is very similar to adding a new product, only with less sections that you need to fill out. With EKM, you can add parent and sub-categories, which makes creating a hierarchy really easy to do.

EKM Add Product

To easily manage your inventory, you do need to install the Advanced Inventory Manager feature. Without doing this, managing your inventory isn’t the easiest thing to do. With this feature installed you can manage all of your inventory from the product overview page including product title, stock levels and pricing.


When it comes to adding a new product, the Bigcommerce set up is one of the better ones I have used. The single page layout has a good number of options you can easily navigate between the sections on the page using the pop up sidebar. This sidebar makes it really easy to go in and edit your existing products.

Bigcommerce Add New Product

To organise your inventory, Bigcommerce has gone for the tried and tested category method and it allows you to easily create parent and sub-categories which makes it really easy to create a good product hierarchy. Setting up a new category is easy as they use a simplified version of the add product page.

To manage your inventory, Bigcommerce use a really good system that allow you to quickly make changes to your products and this can be done individually or in bulk. The bulk editor allows you to make a number of changes including title, category, price and inventory on one page, making it a great tool to use if you have a very large product range.


Wix have also opted for a single page layout for their add new product page but before going through to the page, you first need to select whether it is a digital or physical product as the two pages are slightly different but both are equally as easy to use.

The add new product page doesn’t offer as many options as ShopWired but one thing they do include with the top ecommerce plans is the ability to sell products via a subscription and it bills the customer on a schedule that you set.

Wix Add New Product

Creating a good product hierarchy within Wix isn’t the easiest thing to do as they limit users to parent collections only, there is no option for sub-collections, which really limits the ability to organise your inventory within Wix.

Within the Wix system, there is no options to bulk edit your products, so everything from updating inventory levels to changing the product price has to be done on a product by product basis, which could be very frustrating if you have a very large inventory.

Managing Orders

ShopWired – Order management within ShopWired is really good as you can manage your orders in bulk by being able to print off packing slips/invoices and update order statuses directly from the order overview page. You can manage orders on an individual basis as well as edit order information.

If you need to export your orders, this can be done by installing the CSV export app.

EKM – You can manage orders in bulk or on a individual basis with EKM. From the order overview page you can print orders directly and there are four options for the layout of the invoices/packing slips (invoices/packing slips can also be ordered from EKM to streamline the order management process), you can also update the order statuses.

If you use any third-party software for your order, then you can export all of your order information in CSV format if you activate the import/export feature.

If you need to manage or update an individual order, you can do this from the overview page or by going into the order.

Bigcommerce – The Bigcommerce order management system is arguably one of the best out there as you can manage your orders individually but if you are going to be having lots of sales then you want to take advantage of their bulk features. The bulk feature allows you to print off invoice and packing slips, resend invoices, update order statuses and export orders directly in the order management area.

Wix – Unfortunately, I was unable to test the Wix order management system out as it wouldn’t allow me to create a test order. If I do get to try this out, obviously I will come back and update this post.

Winner: Bigcommerce

The bulk editors are what give Bigcommerce the win here as they do help to streamline some processes but ShopWired and EKM aren’t that far behind.


One of the reasons why people choose a hosted ecommerce platform is that they get help and support should they need help in using their website, but how good is each platforms offering?

*All times quoted are GMT


ShopWired offers all users access to their UK based support, which is available between 9am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and between 11am and 5pm on Saturday. They also offer support through a variety of mediums including live chat, email support tickets and telephone support.

Users on the Premium package also get access to priority support and those on the Enterprise packages will get premium support and dedicated account management.

Contacting the ShopWired support team is very easy to do as there is a live chat option directly within the admin dashboard and other contact options are easily found in the help section.


EKM pride themselves on the quality of their UK based support but it is available seven days a week between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday. Users on the Advanced and Pro packages will get 24/7 emergency support.

As with ShopWired, EKM offer support through a variety of different channels including live chat (which is available directly from the admin dashboard), over the phone and also via live chat.

What makes EKM’s support a little different to the other platforms is that all new sign ups get a 30 minute welcome call and on the Standard and Advanced package, users also get their own dedicated account manager (for 6 months on the Standard package).

They also offer what they call EKM Evolution Mode, which could be seen a proactive support as the team of ecommerce specialists will review your site and suggest changes that can be made that could help increase traffic and potentially sales. This is included with all packages but is more involved on the larger ones.


Bigcommerce is the only platform out of the four that offers 24/7 support to all users and can be accessed via email, live chat and over the phone.

Contacting the support teams is a bit more complicated than on ShopWired or EKM as you are directed through a couple of pages in order to be able to contact them. Support pins can also be an issue with Bigcommerce as they aren’t always recognised by their automated system, which can be very frustrating.

One of the main complaints made on customer review sites such as Trustpilot is the quality of support that users get and from personal experience, it can vary quite a bit with some support team members being very helpful and others not!

Outside of contacting the Bigcommerce support teams, there is also a community forum and this can provide answers not only from the bigcommerce team but also other users and developers, who may come up with different ways to resolve issues.


Out of the four platforms, Wix has the worst offerings when it comes to support.

On the Wix Basic and Business packages, users get the basic level of Wix support, which is limited to support tickets and a callback service, which is available 24/7 in English. Users on the VIP package, get access to priority support, which puts them to the front of queue when it comes to getting a response.

While this all does sound great, contacting Wix support is quite difficult as they have buried all of the support contact options in their help centre and unless you know where to look, you probably won’t find it and they prefer to refer you to a help article than actually provide a way to speak to someone.

Winner: EKM

7 day support that is easy to contact would have put EKM at the front on this one but the addition of account managers and their Evolution Mode is a couple of nice cherries on top.

Hosting & Performance

As all four platforms include hosting with their packages, it is worth taking a look to see what they offer and also how they perform.

ShopWired, EKM and Bigcommerce are all very upfront about the hosting environment that their websites are run on and they all offer the following:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • PCI Compliant Servers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 99.9% Uptime

ShopWired and Bigcommerce do also list the hosting network that their websites are run on, which are Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform and both are obviously big names but also known for their performance and reliability.

Wix are the odd ones out in this category as they don’t list any information regarding their hosting environment, which isn’t great!

Now this all sounds fantastic (except for Wix!) but I don’t take these platforms at their word, instead I like to put them to the test.

To do this I took five of their customer example sites, that were all in the industries and had similar levels of content and ran them through Pingdom’s speed tool using their London, UK server and Google’s page speed insights. I did this once a day for three days to get a nice spread of data, so how did they do?


Pingdom: 1.17 Seconds
Google (Mobile): 42/100
Google (Desktop): 81/100

ekm ecommerce logo

Pingdom: 1.12 Seconds
Google (Mobile): 55/100
Google (Desktop): 83/100

bigcommerce logo

Pingdom: 2.95 Seconds
Google (Mobile): 17/100
Google (Desktop): 57/100

Wix Logo

Pingdom: 3.93 Seconds
Google (Mobile): 13/100
Google (Desktop): 42/100

Well there isn’t much difference between ShopWired and EKM on this one and when just looking at sites running on the new Version 4 framework from ShopWired sites do perform slightly better than EKM but it is still a very good showing from both platforms.

The same cannot be said for Bigcommerce and Wix though as neither platform performs well and both offer some cause for concern for all the different tests but the very poor mobile score is the one that really stands out, especially with the rise of mobile ecommerce and Google’s tendency to rank sites higher that perform well on mobile.

If you would like to see how these four platforms compare against all of their competition in terms of performance, then check out my Fastest Ecommerce Platforms post).

Winner: ShopWired & EKM tie

It is nearly impossible to choose between the two as they are not far off identical across all of the tests and both gave a solid results.


Winner: ShopWired

ShopWired comes out on top as the best platform out of four as it offers a good combination of features, support and pricing along with being easy to use for both new and established ecommerce businesses.

The only two downsides of the ShopWired platform are the lack of theme customisation and that the extensions need to be coded in but overall it is a very good ecommerce platform.

Start a Free 14 Day ShopWired Trial

Runner-up: EKM

EKM just edges Bigcommerce to be the runner up due to it being focused on the UK market and businesses and this specialist knowledge can be very helpful.

The platform is also very competent, with a good selection of features and UK based support. The main downside being the layout of the dashboard, which does have some workflow issues but these can be worked around to get the most out of the platform.

Start a Free Exclusive 28 Day Free Trial

Third Place: Bigcommerce

Coming in just behind EKM is Bigcommerce, which fundamentally is a very good platform and their store management is one of the better set ups of all the ecommerce platforms that I have tested.

But the platform is primarily geared towards the North American market and this does become noticeable when using the platform. The lower turnover limits can also mean that you will be moving up through the packages quicker than you would with ShopWired or EKM.

The primary downside for Bigcommerce is the performance of their platform, which is considerably worse than either ShopWired or EKM.

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Last Place: Wix

As a website builder, Wix isn’t bad and the ADI tool is a brilliant theme customizer and the pricing is very appealing but the ecommerce features in the Wix Stores app really don’t stack up very well against the competition as it is quite limited and many users find that they soon outgrow the platform and have to move on, which can be quite a disruptive process.

As with Bigcommerce, performance is a big issue with the Wix platform and this is definite cause for concern and the Wix Stores app does seem to heavily contribute to this poor performance.

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